POS Rolls

Custom Thermal & Inkjet Products

POS Rolls

With over 80 years roll converint and printing experience Graphic Controls is proud to provide best-in-class roll papers for retail, kiosk, banking, law enforcement and entertainment industries in over 80 countries We offer competitive stock and custom print made to order thermal, single and multi-ply rolls.

Standard Stock Rolls

Best-in-class quality and delivery with your budget in mind, our global manufacturing and warehousing allows us to stock thermal rolls in many sizes.

Custom, Made-To-Order Paper Rolls

From Coinstar to Disney, global airlines to local banks, our customers trust us to capture their brand image and custom security needs with an eye on cost, service, and JIT logistics.


Cash Register Rolls

Supplying many of the world’s largest global retailers with thermal cash register rolls requires just-in-time delivery and exacting quality alongside inventory and online order management. Whether you are looking for small quantities and local customization or global production with custom return policies and branding, Graphic Controls leads the way with cost and quality in mind.


ATM Rolls

For more than 50 years, Graphic Controls is proud to manufacturer stock and custom roll products to match the specification of all major ATM printer manufacturers.


Kiosk Rolls

Our custom kiosk paper rolls are available in virtually any size, core and length - in thermal, bond and carbonless grades


Parking Enforcement

Offering the most efficient high quality paper designed for hand held printers, Graphic Controls products are used in parking enforcement, parking control, rental car agencies, and delivery vehicles.

Standard Stock POS Rolls

Item # Description Width Diameter Length Paper Type More Information Order
31507869 POINT OF SALE AUT H35415 24 Product Details
32001334 POINT OF SALE POS 9025A (100 PER CA) 100 Product Details
32006112 POINT OF SALE POS 5241 50 Product Details
32001331 POINT OF SALE POS 9090 (CA) 50 Product Details
31506531 POINT OF SALE AUT H36096HV 50 Product Details
31508446 POINT OF SALE AUT H36157 24 Product Details
32001335 POS-POINT OF SALE POS 9026A (CA) 50 Product Details
31514741 POINT OF SALE AUT H36197 50 Product Details
32001343 POINT OF SALE POS 9084 (CA) 1 Product Details
31510764 POINT OF SALE AUT N52920 / POS 9356 50 Product Details
31511200 POINT OF SALE AUT N54380 / POS 9361 50 Product Details
31511440 POINT OF SALE AUT O55702 / POS 9358 50 Product Details
32001333 POINT OF SALE POS 9022 (CA) 50 Product Details