LATITUDE Protective Face Shield

Keep your employees and customers safe.

Protect eyes and face against liquids and dust with LATITUDE™ Protective Face Shield. Manufactured in the USA with 3M material, our full face shield offers maximum protection on all sides of the face, protecting the eyes, nose and mouth from contact with liquids and dust. LATITUDE™ is not impact resistant nor intended for use against open flames or sparks.

Together we are addressing not only the needs of the medical community on the front-line fighting COVID-19, but also the other industries we serve, to support their reopening efforts during the current pandemic.

*LATITUDE Protective Face Shields are sold separately. Surgical Masks are not included.


Provides clear, unobstructed view. Lightweight and clear. Effective for use
against liquids and dust. 3M Shield Technology includes Anti-Fog coating.


Complete coverage including the sides of the face preventing all contact of
liquids and dust from eyes, mouth, and nose.


LATITUDE™ comes with a comfortable black foam. It also easily goes over
glasses or goggles. Latex, Fiberglass and Distortion Free.

LATITUDE Literature

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Last Edited: 5/18/2020


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